About Us

A gym for all climbers and all abilities.

The Junction is a gym for everyone, new climbers, experienced climbers, just for fun climbers and young climbers, boulderers, lead climbers and tope ropers. Our goal was to make a beautiful, brand new climbing facility in this beautiful city that everyone could call their local spot.

A friendly staff, inclusive teaching environment and high quality setting were our goals.  We’re on track and plan on staying that way.

Come in with your kids for our amazing day camps, bring your friends for a first time top-roping night, have a session on the bouldering wall or get an insane pump on the lead cave. We have a little of everything so you can get your fix and have an amazing, positive experience no matter what your climbing style is. Our friendly staff is always available to help you with any questions, tricky parts on climbs or talk about any lesson you may want to take.


The Junction is well light, bright and yes, we have huge bay doors for the summer weather and kick-ass fans.


Lead climb, Auto-Belay or boulder? What’s your preference?


Test your endurance on our huge amphitheatre lead cave!


We have some of the best setters around to keep you thinking and keep everything fresh and challenging in the bouldering area.


Feel like bouldering tonight? We set for all ability levels with the same amount of challenging movement whether your a newbie or a pro. Bouldering is a great compliment to route climbing to gain power and dynamic movement!




“We had so much combined climbing gym knowledge between us that we knew we could make something special with the Junction…A place where you felt welcome, like home, with a little of everything so all types of climbers would be engaged and stoked to keep coming back!”

– John Kudelka, Owner, Lover of climbing



“From years in the industry, having success with the Guelph Grotto, we put everything we had into the Junction. We came to a new town with a single goal to start – Create an amazing, engaging climbing environment for new and experienced climbers, young or old, bouldering or routes. We wanted to set the bar high and stay there…there is so much more to come.”

– Dave Perozzo, Owner, Lover of climbing