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LDM_1887Climbing is ideal for school programs because its on-traditional status avoids the preconceptions typically hold for physical activity, and it’s high perceived risk helps it transcend existing social boundaries within student groups. Students will find themselves  working and climbing alongside peers in a positive and supportive manner not possible in regular physical activity settings. The Junction meets or exceeds all OPHEA guidelines for vertical activity.

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Our Group Guided Climb Program is ideal for groups seeking an original active experience. Students are instructed in the fundamentals of climbing under the friendly guidance of our experienced staff.  Available in 60 minutes, 90 minutes, or two hour programs, your students will return to school invigorated and exhausted by the activity.

1 hour: $16
90 minutes: $21
2 hours: $25

A program designed specifically for students! Students will be able to freely move between our 35 foot route walls, large bouldering area and rope obstacles.

Program runs: Tuesday – Friday
10am – 12pm
Maximum of 80 students

2 Hours: $27.50 per participant
Group rate for 20 or more students: $25 per participant

You can choose between Rappelling or Ascending.

The Junction is unique amongst climbing gyms as it has an indoor 3 storey high rappel deck. Rappelling stands apart as a climbing activity because it has low physical demands, insteading requiring a high mental and emotional commitment. Groups with disinterest in physical exertion and groups with an overconfident approach to sports are both challenged by this essential climbing skill.

Forget the struggle of climbing a rope in gym class.  Ascending using our prussiks, ascenders, and carabiners will have you climbing into the rafters!

$29.50 per student


The Junction is a partner to Grotto Portable Walls. This long established and highly regarded program has brought climbing into high school gymnasiums across Ontario and has taught thousands of students. The Grotto indoor climbing wall has 12 climbs, bouldering, and ascending, and can be set up in any standard gym. Contact us at ph: 519 766 5481  Owner for more information. London area participants in a Grotto program are provided a One month membership at the Junction.


Please note:

All participants with any group must have a completed waiver.   Climber’s under 18 must have their waiver completed by their parent.  Persons without a waiver will not be able to climb.  Make your visit faster by completing our ONLINE WAIVER before coming.

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