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Bring your group together with climbing

The varied climbing options of the Junction mean each member can find a challenge that’s right for them, and the group can celebrate their collective achievements.


Climbing is ideal for school groups, youth groups, and sports teams as an activity to build cohesiveness and camaraderie. Our friendly staff ensure you get the most out of your time climbing. A 10% discount is available to groups of 20 or more.

1 hour: $16/ 90 minutes: $21/ 2 hours: $25

Prices include harness rental, shoes are not included.
All prices include tax



Work together doing safety checks and build trust.


Solve boulder problems as a group and tackle our team problem-solving challenges!


Support each other through team climbs and solve tricky sections and reach the top.

school-groups The Junctions large climbing area and central location within London make it ideal for school groups. Climbing’s non-traditional sports status helps break down preconceptions students have about physical participation. Groups attending in the morning have the facility to themselves.  The Junction meets or exceeds OPHEA’s Guidelines for climbing activities. Click here for more info

advanced High functioning groups need a task that can engage their eagerness to be challenged and learn. Climbing’s combination of technical knowledge with physical activity creates meaningful opportunities for group members to support each other while experiencing the thrill of climbing. The Junctions activity designs create vivid group experiences where all participants contribute to the overall goal. Rates begin at $34.50 per person GET BOOKING INFO Please call for availability and booking times – 519 438 1717 Belay certification test required at next visit to ensure knowledge retention.


Please note: All participants with any group must have a completed waiver. Climber’s under 18 must have their waiver completed by their parent. Persons without a waiver will not be able to climb. Make your visit faster by completing our ONLINE WAIVER before coming.

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If you have a question about any of our courses or need more info send us an email or call us during our regular operating hours 519 438 1717.

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