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Welcome to the Junction!

Never climbed before?

You can simply come down to try climbing for the first time. No pre-booking is necessary. With your purchase of a day pass our friendly staff will show you our auto belays and bouldering and get you climbing in minutes. All of our climbs are graded and colour coded so that you can identify which climbs are right for your abilities. Please note that all climber’s will need a signed waiver, and for participants under 18 that waiver must be completed by a parent.Please bring clean, dry, indoor running shoes or climbing shoe rental will be required. Shoes must have covered toes and closed backs. With your day pass you can leave and come back later that day. If you’d like a bit more direction your first time check out our Guided Climb package below.

Climbed before?

Our 50 boulder problems and 50 routes provide plenty of climbing for climber’s of all abilities and backgrounds. We used colour coded holds to simplify finding your climb (no tape!) and our air-conditioned modern building means you climb in comfort. If you’ve climbed before and feel confident in your belay skills check out belay test policy. Every climber to our facility received an orientation to our facilities on their arrival.

Guided Climb

Want to try out climbing with no lesson?

A great way to try out the sport and maximize your time doing the best part – the climbing. Our helpful and experienced staff takes care of the safety and equipment elements so you can ‘get climbing’. No experience is required and we make sure that your climbing challenges match your abilities. Ideal for everyone, ‘Get Climbing’ has no age restrictions or experience requirements.

1 hour: $20/person

90 minutes: $25/person

Prices include harness and shoe rental

Please call for availability and booking times –  519 438 1717
Bookings must be made 72 hours in advance
Minimum booking 2 persons

Group Guided Climb

Climbing is ideal for school groups, youth groups, and sports teams as an activity to build cohesiveness and camaraderie.

Our friendly staff ensure you get the most out of your time climbing. A 10% discount is available to groups of 20 or more. Minumum booking of 5 persons required. Prices include harness rental.

1 hour: $16/person

90 minutes: $21/person

2 hours: $25/person

Please call for availability and booking times –  519 438 1717
Bookings must be made 72 hours in advance

“The Junction instructors were extremely friendly and  knowledgable…We were climbing before we knew it!”

Belay Test

New and recently certified belayers at the Junction must demonstrate to our staff their ability and knowledge of proper harnessing, correct knots, and appropriate belay methods prior to belaying at our facility.

• Belayers must be at least 13 years of age
• Applicants under 18 must have a waiver signed by a legal guardian



Bouldering is one of the fastest growing sports in North America. Come and experience the intense, elegant, full body activity. Bouldering is climbing on walls not higher than 16 ft. and requires no ropes or special equipment. The low height means fast turnaround time and enhances the social experience and team atmosphere. Although no belay certification is required, first-time boulderers at the Junction receive a safety orientation.


Lead Certification Test

Lead Certification Tests must be booked in advance. Lead test candidates are required to provide their own rope, Grigri, and climbing partner. Only Grigri’s and figure 8 knots are permitted for lead belaying at the Junction. Contact us by email to book your test.

Auto Belays

What is an Auto Belay?
Autobelays are mechanical safety systems that protect a climber from falling. They are ideal for climbing on those days when your partner can’t be there or for trying climbing before taking the full belay lesson.

How to us an Auto Belay at the Junction



• An orientation to the autobelay sysem is required for all users
• Children under 13 must be actively supervised by an adult


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